Service Area - City List - Job Minimum

The following is the area service list by city and any required job minimum.

City                              County                     Service               Job Minimum   

Alpine                             Utah                            Yes                             No   

Alta                                 Salt Lake                     Yes                             No   

Amalga                           Cache                           Yes                             No

American Fork                Utah                            Yes                             No   

Bluffdale                         Salt Lake                     Yes                             No  

Bountiful                         Davis                           Yes                             No   

Cedar Fort                       Utah                            Yes                             No    

Cedar Hills                       Utah                            Yes                             No   

Centerville                       Davis                           Yes                             No   

Charleston                       Wasatch                     Yes                             No   

Clarkston                         Cache                          Yes                             No  

Clearfield                         Davis                           Yes                             No  

Clinton                             Davis                           Yes                             No  

Coalville                           Summit                        Yes                             No  

Copperton                       Salt Lake                      Yes                             No    

Cornish                            Cache                           Yes                             No

Cottonwood Heights      Salt Lake                      Yes                             No   

Daniel                               Wasatch                       Yes                             No   

Draper                              Salt Lake                      Yes                             No    

Eagle Mountain                Utah                             Yes                             No    

Elk Ridge                           Utah                             Yes                             No   

Emigration Canyon           Salt Lake                      Yes                             No     

Fairfield                             Utah                             Yes                             No    

Farmington                        Davis                            Yes                             No     

Farr West                           Weber                         Yes                             No

Francis                                Summit                        Yes                             No  

Fruit Heights                      Davis                           Yes                             No  

Genola                                Utah                            Yes                             No    

Goshen                               Utah                            Yes                             No      

Grantsville                          Tooele                         Yes                             No    

Harrisville                           Weber                         Yes                             No

Heber City                          Wasatch                     Yes                             No   

Henefer                              Summit                        Yes                             No  

Herriman                            Salt Lake                     Yes                             No    

Hideout                              Wasatch                      Yes                             No   

Highland                             Utah                            Yes                             No   

Holladay                             Salt Lake                     Yes                             No  

Hooper                               Weber                         Yes                             No

Huntsville                           Weber                         Yes                             No

Hyde Park                          Cache                          Yes                             No

Hyrum                                Cache                          Yes                             No

Independence                    Wasatch                      Yes                             No   

Interlaken                           Wasatch                      Yes                             No   

Kamas                                 Summit                        Yes                             No  

Kaysville                              Davis                           Yes                             No   

Kearns                                 Salt Lake                     Yes                             No  

Layton                                 Davis                           Yes                             No  

Lehi                                      Utah                            Yes                             No     

Lewiston                             Cache                          Yes                             No

Lindon                                 Utah                            Yes                             No   

Logan                                  Cache                          Yes                             No

Magna                                Salt Lake                      Yes                             No  

Mapleton                            Utah                            Yes                             No     

Marriott-Slaterville           Weber                         Yes                             No

Mendon                              Cache                           Yes                             No

Midvale                               Salt Lake                      Yes                             No     

Midway                               Wasatch                      Yes                             No   

Millcreek                             Salt Lake                     Yes                             No     

Millville                               Cache                           Yes                             No  

Morgan                               Morgan                        Yes                             No   

Murray                                Salt Lake                      Yes                             No     

Newton                               Cache                          Yes                             No

Nibley                                  Cache                          Yes                             No 

North Logan                        Cache                          Yes                             No

North Ogden                       Weber                         Yes                             No

North Salt Lake                   Davis                           Yes                             No    

Oakley                                  Summit                        Yes                             No  

Ogden                                   Weber                         Yes                             No

Ophir                                    Tooele                         Yes                             No    

Orem                                     Utah                            Yes                             No   

Paradise                                Cache                          Yes                             No

Park City                               Summit                        Yes                             No  

Payson                                  Utah                             Yes                             No   

Plain City                              Weber                         Yes                             No

Pleasant Grove                     Utah                             Yes                             No  

Pleasant View                       Weber                         Yes                             No

Providence                             Cache                          Yes                             No

Provo                                      Utah                            Yes                             No   

Richmond                               Cache                          Yes                             No  

Riverdale                                Weber                         Yes                             No

River Heights                         Cache                          Yes                             No 

Riverton                                  Salt Lake                     Yes                             No     

Roy                                          Weber                         Yes                             No

Rush Valley                            Tooele                         Yes                             No    

Salem                                      Utah                            Yes                             No   

Salt Lake City                         Salt Lake                     Yes                             No    

Sandy                                      Salt Lake                     Yes                             No    

Santaquin                                Utah                            Yes                             No    

Saratoga Springs                    Utah                            Yes                             No   

Smithfield                               Cache                          Yes                             No   

South Jordan                          Salt Lake                     Yes                             No    

South Ogden                          Weber                         Yes                             No

South Salt Lake                      Salt Lake                    Yes                             No   

South Weber                          Davis                           Yes                             No    

Spanish Fork                          Utah                            Yes                             No      

Springville                               Utah                            Yes                             No   

Stockton                                 Tooele                         Yes                             No    

Sunset                                     Davis                           Yes                             No   

Syracuse                                 Davis                           Yes                             No    

Taylorsville                             Salt Lake                     Yes                             No  

Tooele                                     Tooele                         Yes                             No    

Trenton                                   Cache                          Yes                             No 

Uintah                                     Weber                         Yes                             No

Vernon                                    Tooele                         Yes                             No    

Vineyard                                  Utah                            Yes                             No   

Wallsburg                               Wasatch                     Yes                             No   

Washington Terrace              Weber                         Yes                             No 

Wellsville                                Cache                          Yes                             No  

Wendover                               Tooele                         Yes                             No    

West Bountiful                       Davis                           Yes                             No  

West Haven                            Weber                         Yes                             No

West Jordan                           Salt Lake                      Yes                             No    

West Point                              Davis                            Yes                             No  

West Valley City                    Salt Lake                      Yes                             No    

White City                              Salt Lake                      Yes                             No  

Woodland Hills                      Utah                             Yes                             No   

Woods Cross                         Davis                            Yes                             No   

Groupon / Living Social

- Please be aware that vouchers cover a smaller defined coverage area than our full service area.  

- Most vouchers only extend to 30 or 40 miles from our office's zip code 84117.  

- Vouchers will NOT be honored beyond their defined area.

- The purchaser of the voucher is responsible to verifying your location and distance from 84117.

Job Minimums

Minimums can be met  by purchasing discounts or specials from the office or from the technician on the day of your appointment.

You can also meet the job minimum by adding additional services to the purchase of a Groupon / Living Social special.

Online Booking

The online booking system will allow you to book any special currently running or any special that has recently run but for which coupons have not yet expired.

Groupon / Living Social vouchers MUST be presented on the day of your appointment, either printed or on the app, to be verified and redeemed.

Vouchers are for the basic cleaning service and the fine print of each deal governs the method and manner of the cleaning to be performed.  Vouchers cannot be presented and redeemed after the cleaning or services is performed.  The work performed will be invoiced at the regular listed prices.