Preparation, Policies, & Procedures

Prep. for Carpet, Upholstery, Air Duct, Leather, Tile, Stone, Wood Flooring & House Cleaning Service


- All appointments are two hour arrival windows. Scheduling updates, on day of appointment, will be sent by text.

- All communication/interactions are recorded for security and training purposes.

- Parking is required as close to work site as possible. 

- Technicians are not permitted to move furniture or wait mid-job as furniture is shuffled. Please prep furniture prior to arrival.

- Canceled/Missed appointments with less than 24 Hours notice will automatically redeem/use and voucher or discount coupon.

- Please vacuum before technician arrives unless you've booked House Cleaning. Carpet Cleaning is a steam cleaning and the system is not designed or capable of removing debris or pet hair. If vacuuming is required, we’re happy to provide the service @ $10-$15/Area.

- Groupon coupons are for first time customers only. Subsequent cleanings can be purchased at the same discount from the technician or office.

- Groupon may not cover all carpet to be cleaned, or other desired services. (Eg. A Groupon for Stairs does NOT cover landings.) Your technician can review other services before starting work and provide pricing and apply any applicable specials or discounts.

- Area Measurements for carpet cleaning are made wall to wall. There are no discounts/adjustment for the presence or absence of furniture. No partial Areas or combining Areas.

- If area(s) are oversized they will be charged as an additional area.

- Standard Pricing for Carpet Cleaning: $40 per Area, $20 per 1/2 area & $4 per standard stair/step. Urine treatments are $60 per Area. Standard House Cleaning Services are $50 per Man hour. Pricing for other services will be provided upon request.

- If customer isn’t present during carpet cleaning. prepayment is required to start work. If customer is not present during House Cleaning a credit card on file or deposit for estimated cost is required to start work.

- No Net 30 or other payment terms. Payment is due at time of service. If payment is not made, all discounts are forfeit and a full price invoice will be reviewed for collections.

- All animals and children must be kept outside the work area. Technicians are not permitted to work if children are in the work area.

- Technicians are not permitted to work if minors are home without adults present.

- Deep cleaning for Carpets (obviously neglected carpet, approximately 5+ years since last cleaning) will incur an additional $15/room charge. Groupon is not a deep cleaning service. 

- If customer is cleaning carpet, this is a ‘Steam Cleaning’, the carpet will be wet. Dry time is determined by style, depth, thickness, how dirty the carpet is, and how many times we scrub an area before it comes clean. 

- If desired, dry time can be accelerated with large fans. We can have the carpet 80-90% dry before we leave. Fans are $12-$15 each.

- It is understood and expected that the technician will, at need, hook up to an outdoor water faucet to facilitate the cleaning. There is no discount to the cost of the job for use of house water. If your faucet is broken please alert the technician.

For detailed explanation of any of these items please contact the office.

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